Adding events to and Office 365

It looks like the good folks over at Microsoft (over-the-night) have made some updates to their calendar services. The updates have resulted in the way we normally add events don't work anymore.

How we typically add events

When users click the "" or "Office 365" option in one of our "Add to Calendar" buttons, we normally redirect the users directly to the selected calendar service. The redirect contains a URL with different parameters containing all of the event information. This method is great and we like it. However, this method has currently been turned off and does not work. It might be a temporary error - or it might be a long-lasting thing. We don't know yet.

Our fix

As a result, we've switched our backup-setting on. Now all "event adds" will be processed using the Microsoft Calendar API. In order to add events in and Office 365 users initially need to grant permission to add events to their calendar. This is a one-time grant and once it has been done future events will be added right away. 

In order to address any privacy concerns, we've added an article to inform users about and the "Grant access" process.