2024-06-04 13:30 UTC

Earlier today, we were experiencing an issue that affected all users on our app.

A fix has been deployed, and this issue is now resolved. We’ll continue to monitor the issue and update this page with any further details.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

2024-06-04 13:09 UTC

We are currently experiencing an issue that is affecting all users on our app.

The AddEvent team is currently investigating this issue and working on a solution. We’ll update this page with any further details, and once we have the issue fixed.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you in advance for your patience.

When a new RSVP attendee is created via API v2, we have fixed the notification email to do the following:

  1. Variables in custom templates are now being replaced in the email subject line and the email body.
  2. Template language is now being used for date and time language/format

Previously, variables were not being replaced, and the language was being ignored.

We've heard through the grapevine that some people had issues with automated link checkers blowing their usage numbers out of the water.

WELL, we are very excited to announce that we have released a release that will help mitigate this issue by applying a timeout after each link is clicked before counting a click as an "event-add" for the same event (the term we are using for this is "debounce"). This timeout is set to 5 seconds, so if there are a bunch of clicks for the same event within that 5-second window, we will record that as 1 event-add.

For example, within a 5-second window, if you had a link checker clicking on 1 link per calendar service (there are 6 supported calendar services), you will see that recorded as 1 event-add instead of 6.


Note: if there is a delay of more than 5 seconds between the links that are being clicked, we will record each click as an individual "event-add".

Happy New Year, and we hope everyone is having a fabulous start to 2024!

Our team was eager to start the year off with a bang, so we created another handy tool for all of our friends who are using recurring rules.

Check out our Recurring Rules Generator!

You can use this to implement recurring rules with the proper formatting since we know writing the RRULE can be a pain.

How to Use the RRULE Generator:

  1. Parameter Selection: Choose repeat parameters from the available options in the "Repeat" and "End" sections.
  2. Dynamic Code Generation: As you add rules, observe the RRULE code changing automatically.
  3. Integration: Once finished, you'll receive a code snippet ready for use in your code or API.

Benefits of Using the RRULE Generator:

  • Automate tasks efficiently with recurrence rules.
  • Keep track of essential events and deadlines.
  • Facilitate communication with staff and clients.
  • Utilize special events strategically for planning.

We hope you are as excited as we are about our brand-new Help Center and Product Updates section!

You might have noticed things are looking a little bit different (for the better, we hope)!

Our new help center is live, and with that comes enhanced search functionality, the ability to give feedback via a thumbs-up 👍 or thumbs-down 👎 and the ability to leave a comment to let us know what we are missing.

Our team will monitor the feedback regularly so we can update our help docs anywhere you see fit! Thanks as always for your fantastic feedback, and we are excited to continue to improve our documentation to make your lives easier!

If you're anything like us, you might pride yourself on knowing a time zone or two. But, if you're also anything like us, you know there are 38 observed time zones across the world, making it hard to keep track of them all.

We created an easy-to-use time zone lookup tool so you can quickly and easily find the time zone you're looking for!

We hope that helps. Happy time zoning!

This year, for the holidays, we're giving you all the gift of bug fixes! 🎁

This release included the following bug fixes:

  • We are as long-winded as the best of them, so we know it's easy to fill the event description with more than 2,000 characters. However, iOS Safari was displaying a 'URL too loooooong' error, okay, maybe it actually said 'URL too long.' Either way, we have now truncated the event descriptions once they pass 2,000 characters for iOS Safari.
  • If you are using Microsoft for your Calendar, we are really sorry to hear that and are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Can you tell we're a Google Calendar team? 😉 Anyways, for Microsoft Calendar users, if you had an '&' symbol in your calendar name, it was adding additional characters to the name of the calendar in Microsoft when a user subscribed.
  • Immediately after an event takes place, the upcoming events list on your landing page will now accurately reflect the number of upcoming events. There was previously a delay in removing the event that had just happened.
  • For anyone still on API v1, first of all, it's time to move over to v2! Anyways, we added a validation so events can no longer be created with invalid recurring rules. This was causing issues in the dashboard and on event and calendar landing pages. If you need help with recurring rules, you can use our recurring rules generator.
  • Speaking of recurring rules, there was a bug happening where event landing pages weren't displaying recurring events when using automated add-to-calendar events. This has now been fixed.
  • Some events weren't being shown when using "schedule view" in your dashboard. For anyone who noticed that, our apologies, they should be appearing as anticipated now!
  • For anyone using all-day-events, you might have noticed previously that your event wasn't showing in the "upcoming events list" on you calendar landing page on the day of that event. We have fixed this to now reflect your event as upcoming on the day of the event, so that it doesn't get missed!
  • Lots of other bug fixes, tweaks, etc

We did make a few updates in between all of those bug fixes, if you can believe it. Most notably, we added a setting to embedded calendars for you to hide past events.

Lots more to come in the new year, but until then, have a good one!

To align with industry best practices and to ensure the highest level of security for your data, we will be updating the minimum required TLS version from 1.0 to 1.2 when connecting to any of our API endpoints. This change will take effect on Monday 2023-12-11.

Please review your integration and ensure that your systems and applications are compatible with TLS 1.2. Most modern systems already support this version, but it's essential to verify and make any necessary updates to avoid disruptions in service.

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding this update, please reply to this email or feel free to reach out to [email protected] and our team will be happy to help.

This update reflects our commitment to providing a secure and reliable service for our users. We appreciate your support and thank you for your continued trust in AddEvent.


The AddEvent team!

If you’ve ever used AddEvent’s Zapier integration, you know how incredibly useful of a tool it can be for building custom automated workflows without requiring any coding knowledge — all in mere minutes.

And if you’ve used our previous Zap version, we know it may have left a little to be desired…which is why we’re excited to announce that our new and improved version is now live!

This upgraded integration was rebuilt from the ground up, featuring a variety of optimizations and bug fixes that deliver an improved user experience. It’s important to note that you must migrate to the new Zapier version (6.5.0) to take advantage of these improvements and features.

Check out these Help Docs for more information on the changes and migration requirements:

Zapier also has a helpful document that will walk you through this update process in great detail: Update to the latest app version in Zaps - Assisted Update.

If you run into any issues when trying to update to this new version, or if there is some functionality that you think is missing or not working as intended, please email us at [email protected], and we will be more than happy to help.

Happy Zapping! ⚡