Here's a handy tool to kick off 2024

Happy New Year, and we hope everyone is having a fabulous start to 2024!

Our team was eager to start the year off with a bang, so we created another handy tool for all of our friends who are using recurring rules.

Check out our Recurring Rules Generator!

You can use this to implement recurring rules with the proper formatting since we know writing the RRULE can be a pain.

How to Use the RRULE Generator:

  1. Parameter Selection: Choose repeat parameters from the available options in the "Repeat" and "End" sections.
  2. Dynamic Code Generation: As you add rules, observe the RRULE code changing automatically.
  3. Integration: Once finished, you'll receive a code snippet ready for use in your code or API.

Benefits of Using the RRULE Generator:

  • Automate tasks efficiently with recurrence rules.
  • Keep track of essential events and deadlines.
  • Facilitate communication with staff and clients.
  • Utilize special events strategically for planning.