Events & Calendar Dashboard

In response to amazing feedback from our customers, we’ve merged our Events and Subscription Calendar tools into a new, easy-to-understand Dashboard. This intuitive and powerful interface is designed to help you get your events onto your customers' calendars without needing any coding experience.

  • Easily create your calendars and events right in the Dashboard
  • Alternatively, you can import events from external calendars
  • As you add events, see them clearly laid out in your Dashboard calendars
  • Each event and calendar has its own event or calendar page from which you can edit and share the event or calendar

When you’re ready to share your events, you can share them with your users one by one or share an entire calendar of events all at once. The sharing options for your events and calendars are as diverse and powerful as ever, but now they’re cleanly grouped together on the event and calendar pages. Embed a beautiful "Add to calendar" button or calendar on your website, copy and paste "Add to Calendar" links into your emails (zero coding knowledge required) or share a custom event landing page with your users.

We hope you the new Dashboard, and as always, we’d love to hear your feedback!