Improvements to our Add to Calendar button, Recurring events, Date and Time Conversion, and Zapier

We've been busy making some fixes and improvements to our software:

  • When several of our tools (add-to-calendar button, embeddable events list, embeddable calendar) were combined on a single page, the add-to-calendar button was sometimes not being positioned correctly. We've made an update to make sure the add-to-calendar button is always positioned correctly.
  • In the embeddable calendar, upcoming events with a recurring rule were not showing up correctly going into the future. That has been corrected so recurring events are now displayed accurately.
  • On AddEvent you can synchronize events from external calendars. Typically the dates and times of events in the external calendar feeds are in UTC time. We now automatically convert those dates and times into local time instead of leaving them in UTC.
  • In the Zapier List Events trigger, all events were not being listed from across all calendars, only the Main Calendar. We have resolved the issue and released Zapier version 5.0.2 as well as migrated all users to this version so it takes effect immediately.