It's bugs all the way down...

October was a busy month for not just us, but all of you as well! As we continue to push out new releases, we also need to push out some bug fixes and that’s what this release was all about! 

Take a peek at our bugfixes below:

  • Some users were experiencing errors when event descriptions were too long. This was usually seen on the sign-in page of some of our supported calendar platforms, and showed up when users were signed out or browsing in incognito mode. We hate to be the strict parent, but this time, we had to be a little more strict about truncating event descriptions when they exceed a character limit. 
  • We optimized usage counts in several areas, in particular for counts of active calendar subscribers. We’re seeing speed improvements of up to 10x, so you should hopefully see your calendar subscriber counts update quicker than ever before.
  • We recently made a change to how we dealt with calendar subscribers that were blocked or deleted in the AddEvent platform. This change meant that calendar subscribers were not being blocked or deleted (we literally had one job here) so we’ve updated back to the old way so that your calendar subscribers will now be blocked or deleted correctly again! 
  • Speaking of calendar subscribers, the subscription calendar wasn’t working for .ics feeds that exceeded a file size limit for certain calendar platforms. We have made some changes to ensure the .ics feed is now working again in more scenarios:
    • limiting the pull to 300 events into the feed
    • truncating the event description when it exceeds a certain character limit.
  • We love viewing calendars in the week view as much as anyone, so when we heard that there were issues displaying events on our embeddable calendar when a week started in one month and ended in another, we knew that had to be fixed. This bug should now be exterminated and all weeks should show the events correctly on the first attempt regardless of which month the week starts or ends in. 
  • If you were looking for detailed usage stats and thought your calendar and calendar subscriber count seemed higher than it should be, you were probably correct! We had a bug that was counting and displaying deleted calendars in some of our tables. These numbers should now match the counts on the usage stats page and accurately reflect your active calendar and calendar subscriber counts. 
  • If you looked closely at the RSVP confirmation and reminder emails you may have noticed a rogue  extra  space in some scenarios. This has been corrected and all spacing should now be back to normal (if spacing can even be “normal”).
  • We came across an issue that certain values weren’t working in custom event landing page templates for events that were RSVP enabled. We’ve fixed this and you shouldn’t see issues with using those values in custom templates moving forward. 
  • Lastly, we added an “[RSVP]” indicator to events with RSVP enabled on subscription calendars and added a convenient link for the end-user to RSVP to that event.