Looking for new features? We've got you covered!

We're excited to share lots of new features and functionality in this release that you have been asking for!

Add-to-calendar buttons/links style generator

  • You can now configure and save custom styles for your add-to-calendar buttons and add-to-calendar links.
  • For the add-to-calendar links: the color, style, icon/text combination, and size can all be customized.
  • For the add-to-calendar button: the button color, and style can be customized.
  • For more information on how to use it, see this help doc.

Image uploader

  • You can now upload images directly to AddEvent and manage the images that you have uploaded.
  • These images can be used as part of an event or calendar description - the images will be displayed inline within the app, on the event or calendar detail page, as well as on the event or calendar landing page when you share the event. See this help doc for more info.
  • We also provide a publicly accessible url to the uploaded images, so you can use the image in an custom event or calendar landing page template or a custom RSVP form by linking to the image (previously, you had to upload the image to an external service, and then use that link in the template instead). See the following help docs to add an image as a background/header image or to add an image as a preview image.

Color for imported external calendars

  • When importing external calendars into AddEvent, you can now select a default color for the events that are synced from the external calendar.
  • The selected color is displayed on the event in the dashbaord, as well as any of your sharing methods e.g. on calendar landing pages, embeddable calendars, and embeddable events lists!

Bug fixes

  • Previously, if the word “verify” was included in a hyperlinked url in an event description, the hyperlink would not display correctly (essentially the hyperlink would stop at this word). This has been fixed so that the word “verify” no longer breaks the hyperlink.
  • Added validation that prevents users from inputting events with invalid recurring rules. This was causing a bug that broke the dashboard and event/calendar landing pages, which is not something that we ever want to happen.
  • Several other bug fixes & under the cover updates - we won't bore you with the details!