New event & calendar landing pages, even better time zone support and more...

We're constantly adding new features and making improvements and fixes to our existing ones. Here are some of the highlights from what we've been working on over the past couple of weeks:

  • The event and calendar landing pages have been updated with a beautiful new design that we think looks great. Check out some examples here: event landing page, calendar landing page. As always, our landing pages are completely customizable if you want to make it your own with a custom template.
  • Event and calendar landing pages now include a timezone selector. This allows your users to set their timezone, and shows the user the event times and dates converted to that timezone before they add it to their calendar. We also predict what timezone they are in when they open the landing page, but they can change it if needed using this new selector. Previously, we were also predicting their timezone, but there was no way to change it in case we were wrong (if they were using a VPN, for example).
  • We've also updated the design and added the new timezone selector to our embeddable events.
  • We've tweaked the design of the embeddable calendar so it now looks even better, and in particular made improvements to the mobile view of the calendar, which had been starting to look dated.
  • We've added the ability to search for timezones within the timezone selector on our embeddable calendar which means that users no longer have to scroll through the entire list to find the timezone they want to see events in.
  • We've added our direct URL method to Zapier, which means that you can automatically add add-to-calendar links to your emails without writing a single line of code. Check out our separate update post below, or this quick tutorial of how to get it set up!