Please stop breaking things, Microsoft...


Microsoft broke the direct method that we were using to add events to users calendars for Office 365. This is not the first time that this has happened, but we have a workaround for your users! We’ve updated the event-add process for Office 365 to use the API method instead of the direct method. Unfortunately, the API method requires that users give AddEvent permission to “Have full access to your calendars”, but there's nothing that we can do about that as long as the direct method is broken. You can find some help articles related to this issue here:

Bug fixes

We fixed a couple of bugs with our amazing new image manager that we recently launched. You can find more information about that in a previous update note, or in [this help doc](http://help doc for more info).

  • Users were unable to edit a hyperlink after adding it to an image in an event description, this has now been fixed.
  • Users could not access the buttons to add a hyperlink, alt-text, or delete an image after, but only for calendar descriptions which seems unfair. Updated to resolve this!


  • We fixed a bug where new events that were added to an external calendar that was synced to an AddEvent calendar were not showing the correct colour that the user had chosen. It kind of defeated the whole point of the new setting, so we fixed that.
  • Events in an external calendar were able to be deleted via the dashboard, but would return as soon as the external calendar synced again. Events are now unable to be deleted if they were added by syncing an external calendar, which is how it's supposed to work!