Recurring events

We've been working hard on adding "real" recurring events to our platform. We had an assumption that it would be a lot of hard work, and we were right. 
The struggle with a platform like ours is that we want our recurring events to work across all calendar vendors. After a lot of testing and tweaking, we ended up with a solution that works with all calendar vendors except for Yahoo/AOL which doesn't support recurring rules. 

Creating an event

When you create an event in the Dashboard you now have an option to make the event recurring, e.g. every Monday until a specific date. When the event is saved, the event is represented on the Dashboard calendar for X number of times (according to the rule). Events with recurrence can be shared as a singular event or shared as an event inside a calendar. 

The event landing pages, calendar landing pages, embeddable calendars have also been updated to support the recurring rules.