September fixes

This month's release was primarily focused on fixing a few bugs!

Bug Fixes:

  • Event descriptions will no longer have a scroll bar within the text box, as some users were experiencing jumping behavior within the text box when trying to edit. We have now fixed this to give the event description a variable height so the box height increases and the user can scroll the entire event creation and editing page within itself.
  • Embeddable calendar display issues: Previously, there was a bug occurring when a monthly embeddable calendar was put into a narrow container or viewed by a narrow screen. By default, the calendar will adjust to a list view since there isn't enough space for the full embeddable calendar. The issue arose if your upcoming calendar events were in a future month. If there were no events to auto-scroll to in the same month, the upcoming events list was showing blank despite events existing in future months. This has now been updated so that when the next upcoming event is in a future month, the embeddable calendar will scroll to the next upcoming event, regardless of the month.

As always, we appreciate your letting us know if something is acting funky - try as we might; occasionally, a few bugs sneak through the cracks, and when you let us know, we can resolve them faster.