SSO updates, improved notifications, & more!

We're constantly adding new features and making improvements and fixes to our existing ones. Here are some of the highlights from what we've just updated:

  • We’ve updated the sign in and sign up pages to prioritize the SSO options above email and password sign in. We’ve also added Microsoft as a SSO option for all users that are looking to sign in using Microsoft SSO.
  • We removed LinkedIn as a SSO option and converted all LinkedIn users to the classic email and password sign in. If you previously used LinkedIn to sign in, please check your email as you should have received an email to update your password.
  • When a user selects “can’t go” to a RSVP event, notification emails to event organizers will now include the end-user’s information instead of a generic “one person can’t go” message.
    Bug Fix: The countdown timer on our embeddable events lists was calculating the remaining time incorrectly when users changed their time zone. This is now fixed and the countdown timer is now counting smoothly!