That's it - we're splitting up!

We've recently made a couple of updates to our system that may affect how you use your accounts on AddEvent and AppointmentThing. This update specifically impacts customers who use both services.

When the AddEvent team launched AppointmentThing over 2 years ago, we wanted it to be tightly integrated with our existing platform and so we made the decision that accounts would be "shared" across both services. What this essentially meant was that you could log into your AddEvent account with your AppointmentThing credentials and vice versa.

As both platforms have matured and evolved over the past couple of years, we think it no longer makes sense to do that and so we have made the decision to separate AddEvent accounts from AppointmentThing accounts.

How this will impact you

On a day-to-day basis, this change should have little or no impact on how you use AddEvent or AppointmentThing. You'll still be able to log into each system with your existing credentials. However, you will notice the following changes:

  • If you update or reset your password in AddEvent or AppointmentThing, the new password will not apply to the other service. You will need to update your password in the other service separately if you wish to do that.
  • If you add or remove users from your AddEvent or AppointmentThing accounts, these users will no longer be added or removed from your account in the other service. If you want to add or remove users for either AddEvent or AppointmentThing, you will need to do that within that individual service itself. No existing users will be impacted by this change.

There should be no further impact on your account on either service. We are still committed to building excellent products and providing brilliant customer support to our users.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!