The Direct URL method is now on Zapier

The Direct URL method allows you to build automated add-to-calendar links into your email campaign templates to give your users add-to-calendar links customized just for them. And now we've just made it even easier to use by including all that great functionality in the latest version of our Zapier integration. This means you can now automatically add add-to-calendar links to your emails without writing a single line of code. 

Simply connect your CRM, email campaign tool, webinar/video conferencing platform or events database with AddEvent in Zapier to unlock this powerful new functionality. Once your AddEvent account is connected in Zapier, simply choose the new "Direct URL Method" trigger from the options within the zap! Make sure you check out our 5-minute tutorial to get started.

Use cases:

  • Automatically insert add-to-calendar links in confirmation and reminder emails when your users register for an event or book an appointment
  • Include a unique Zoom webinar link in the calendar invite you send to each participant who signs up for your event
  • Include a personalized event description for each user with information from your CRM
  • Share different events with your users based on their time zone or location

Resources to check out: