The shortest month of the year with the most updates so far

It’s been a minute since we’ve shared an update with you, so, just like Rihanna at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, we are coming back with some mic-dropping news.


  • Sometimes it can be stressful when a few minutes before your event starts, you get a last-minute RSVP. Stress no more, because we have added the ability to disable RSVPing X minutes before your event starts!
  • We heard through the grapevine that some of you would like the ability to search for calendars and “people” on your account instead of just being able to search for events. We have updated the search functionality so now you can search for calendars, emails, and events all in the dashboard!
  • For those of you that are using AddEvent in conjunction with Google Calendar, this one’s for you - we’ve added the ability to mark events as “free” or “busy” when you create and add your event to the calendar, so no more getting double-booked for you!
  • IF you’ve previously used an IF statement in custom landing page templates, you might have noticed a slight change. This shouldn’t impact any functionality, it simply works better than it did before now!
  • Custom URL friends, this one’s for you! We have updated embeddable calendars, events, and event lists to now use your custom URL. Previously, this was only appearing on calendar & event landing pages.

Bug Fixes

Believe it or not, when we fix things, sometimes unknown bugs will pop up as a result. So, here are some of the bug fixes that made it in this release:

  • The “back” button wasn’t working correctly when creating a new calendar and/or event template. Additionally, there was also an issue when trying to go back to the middle of the dashboard in the middle of creating an event. These are back to functioning as intended!
  • When sharing calendar landing pages, previously the URL was incorrect within the sharing functionality section. URLs should now be back and better than ever.
  • If you found that a lot of your locations were showing “CA” despite the fact that you don’t live in, reside in, or even think about CA, you’re not alone! We didn’t do this one just because AddEvent is located in CA, but that would have been a fun guess. Moving forward, CA will no longer be added to addresses using the location field, but our CA-based team will be thinking of you fondly!
  • Last bug (get it?) certainly not least, we fixed the issue where %5c was being added to the end of hyperlinks in event descriptions when events or calendars were duplicated.