The updates just keep coming!

November’s release updates are here and ready to be shared! This month we had a handful of bugs that needed some fixing before the holiday season fully takes off. 

Take a peek at our bugfixes below:

  • Starting out strong with less of a bug and more of an update - for anyone using the RSVP summary emails (both “daily” and “every time a user RSVPs”), we have good news for you! We updated these emails to include the event name and time to make it clear which event the end-user has RSVP’d to. Previously these emails only included a link to the event landing page so we hope this makes everyone’s lives a bit easier, especially when you have lots of events! 
  • In other RSVP-related news, we made an update so the system will check if the RSVP limit has been hit when the end-user submits an RSVP form as opposed to when the RSVP landing page has loaded. This had been an issue previously when multiple registrants were hitting the page simultaneously and as a result, the limit was being exceeded in some specific instances.
  • If you read our last release notes, you might remember that we had to start truncating event descriptions for subscription calendars to ensure that the .ics file size did not exceed the limit for certain calendar platforms. Well, we have added in (both at the account and calendar levels) settings to not truncate event descriptions for subscription calendars as requested. This is an internal setting on our end, so you’ll need to reach out to our support team to tweak this to your liking.
  • Speaking of account-level settings - we have added the ability to set the maximum number of events to include in the .ics feed for subscription calendars. Again, this is an internal setting, so you’ll need to reach out to our support team to adjust this max.
  • To wrap this release up we focused on everyone’s favorite concept - timezones! Previously, events without a timezone set were not showing up on calendar landing pages. This was clearly a bug, so we’ve fixed this and your events will now show up on the calendar landing pages whether or not you include a timezone!
  • Thanks as always for letting us know if there are any bugs you’re finding out there in the wild and we will continue to take care of them as soon as possible!