Updated functionality & lots of bug fixes

We're constantly adding new features and making improvements and fixes to our existing ones. Here are some of the highlights from what we've been working on since the last time we shared:


  • You asked and we listened! We’ve added the ability to have a direct link to add an event to a calendar service, even if the event is an RSVP event. Our standard direct links in this scenario redirect to the RSVP landing page (because usually you would like users to RSVP to the event before adding it to their calendar), but we’ve added an extra parameter to “force” users to the add-to-calendar flow instead. This is really handy if you want to include the add-to-calendar links in a confirmation or reminder email for users who have already RSVPd to the event.
  • Updated the calendar subscriber feed to include the additional location details in the event description. Our additional location details feature allows you to include secure links, passwords or addresses for where the event is hosted, but only display them after a user has signed up for the event or calendar, so they don’t become public knowledge.


  • Optimized our calendar subscriber counts to refresh on a more consistent basis so your calendar subscriber counts are now more likely to be accurate when you check them. Accuracy seems like something worth striving for here.
  • Microsoft teams has some crazy “Join meeting” links. We’ve updated our add-to-calendar functionality to handle processing and rendering these urls correctly as they were previously getting jumbled when users added an event with a Microsoft Teams link included
  • Updated the usage stats page to show ongoing usage data instead of entirely blank results if there was no monthly usage in the selected usage period. 
  • We got a little excited about sharing AddEvent with the world and we're seeing issues with turning off the AddEvent branding on some paid accounts that had toggled it off. This has been fixed and should no longer be an issue - our apologies!
  • In our update from last month, we mentioned sending out notices when you’re approaching the usage limits on your account. Unfortunately, due to a bug with start and end dates, some customers received multiple emails notifying them of end-user limits approaching/exceeding, etc in too short of a window. See, times and dates are hard, even for people who build calendars for a living!
  • When adding an event with a long event description to their calendar, users reported seeing an error on certain calendar platforms if they were signed out of their accounts or in an incognito window. We’ve now started truncating event descriptions to help deal with this, and adding a link back to the event landing page to see the remainder of the description.
  • We’ve also made multiple other smaller bug fixes, link corrections and database optimizations - far too many to mention!