We’ve just launched a new website!

As you've probably noticed by now, AddEvent has a new website! We’ve been working hard on this redesign for quite a while, and we're incredibly excited to finally share it with you.

Over the past couple of years, as we've been building new tools for you, our old website became a little bit out of date and was badly in need of a refresh. Our new website has been completely redesigned from scratch, with a new navigation structure, a renewed focus on the solutions we offer to our users, and a brand new visual identity!

We think that the new website not only looks absolutely stunning, but it will also make it easier than ever for our users to understand how our tools work together to make sharing your events and calendars as simple and straightforward as possible. We’ve broken down our solutions into 5 main areas: share events, collect RSVPs, subscription calendar, embeddable calendar, and automated events.

As part of the relaunch, we've also updated our branding, including a beautiful new logo, updated fonts, a new color palette, and some amazing visuals throughout the website.

We hope you’ll love the changes as much we do, but if you run into any issues with the new website, find anything that's not working as it should, or have some feedback please let us know at [email protected].