Change the Number of Events to Display

The calendar landing pages display a default number of upcoming events. If you wish to show more or fewer events, you can create a custom template. This help doc demonstrates how to edit your custom template to display a custom number of upcoming events on your calendar landing page.

Creating a template

  1. Scroll down to the first sharing method, Event landing page. Create a custom event landing page template by clicking Custom Templates in the app and clicking + New Template. Add a name for the template.

Changing the number of events

  1. Scroll down to find the {{block:upcoming-events-list}} block tag, and copy the associated code to the right of the tag.
  1. Scroll back up into the main code, find and highlight the {{block:upcoming-events-list}}block tag (it should be around line 77), then paste in the code you copied in place of the tag.

  2. In the code you just pasted in, where it says data-events="5", replace the 5 with however many events you'd like shown (e.g. 20).

  3. Scroll to the end of the code area, and click Save.

  4. Return to the calendar page for the calendar you are modifying, and scroll down to the Custom Calendar landing page section.

  5. Click the dropdown menu, select the name of the template you just created, and click Set.

Watch the tutorial!