Send an Email Update

This help doc explains how to send an email to the current registrants for your event. You will want to use this feature if there is updated event details and you need this information shared with those who have already RSVPd and added the event to their calendar.

Email attendees

From your Event page:

  1. Scroll down to the RSVP and settings section.
  2. Click Email attendees

If you need to send an event update to your attendees, you can send an email with a custom subject and message. This email will be sent from, but if you would like to edit the sender's email information, click here for instructions.


You can select who to email according to the status of the RSVP:

  • Going
  • Maybe
  • Can't go

Subject line

Click on the subject line to customize it before sending your email.

Email content

Click on the message box to enter your custom message. This update email can include plain text only. It is not possible to have any special formatting.