Create an RSVP Event

This help doc explains how to create an RSVP event in the AddEvent Dashboard. Creating RSVP events allows you to share events with your users, get those events onto their calendars, collect registrations, send reminder emails, and more. Click here to learn more about RSVP functionality. Events live within your calendar(s).

Creating an RSVP event

There are two different ways to create a new event in the Dashboard:

  1. The first way to create an event is to click the Create button on the upper left part of the Dashboard and select Event
  1. The second way to create an event is to click on the day in the calendar that the event will occur and select More options

Once you've completed either of the options above, you'll immediately be taken to the Event Creation Page (see image below). From here, you can enable RSVP functionality by clicking the 'RSVP' box as pictured, and you can customize all of the event details. Click Create