Render a Recurring Event as a Single Occurrence

This help doc explains how to share a recurring event (a single event that occurs multiple times) as a single occurrence. Normally, sharing a recurring event includes all the occurrences of the event with each sharing method. When an end-user adds the event to their calendar, all of the occurrences are included. If you share a recurring event this way, only the next occurrence of this recurring event will be shared with your end-users instead of all the occurrences of the event. See the example below.

A recurring event that has been rendered as a single instance

From the Event page:

The event landing page link, when shared as is:

Event landing page as a single occurrence:

Add /single to the end of the landing page link to share only the next instance of the recurring event:

Add to Calendar (direct) example:


Please note that rendering a recurring event as a single instance does not apply to events with RSVP enabled. You cannot collect information from your attendees and render the recurring event as a single instance.