Push Notifications

Push notifications are alerts/reminders that a calendar user can enable to notify them of an upcoming event. It is possible to enable one push notification per event. To enable the push notification, please follow the steps below.

Enabling the push notification

From the Event page:

  1. Go to the event you wish to enable or edit the push notification.
  2. Click More actions in the top right corner of the Event Page and select Edit.
  3. Click the dropdown next to the bell icon and select a reminder.
  4. Click Save.


While these reminders can be extremely useful, they are entirely controlled by the calendar services, and thus AddEvent cannot guarantee them. The push notification is dependent on both the calendar platform your attendee uses and the attendee's calendar settings - if the attendee has a push notification setting applied to their calendar, their own preferences will override the push notification you assigned to your event.


If you would like to enable multiple event reminders, please check out RSVP events