In this help doc you will find definitions to commonly used terms in AddEvent. Please take a look through to better understand the terminology used to describe our solutions.

Account management

Account Users

An account user is someone who has access to your AddEvent account. They have their login credentials, but their access to the account is determined by what type of user they are.

Three different types of roles are available: Admin, Editor, and User.

  1. Admins have full access to all functionality on AddEvent.
  2. Editors have full access except for billing, account management, and user management.
  3. Users can create and manage calendars and events but can't create and make changes to templates and RSVP forms.

AddEvent Solutions


You can create and share events in AddEvent using the AddEvent Dashboard. Manually creating an event within the Dashboard counts as one 'event' towards your plan's monthly event limit. Creating events via the API also counts toward your event limit.

Events created and stored externally that are connected to AddEvent's add to calendar buttons and links via an API or are synced with AddEvent's Automated events do not count toward your plan's monthly event limit.


When a user registers for an event with RSVP enabled, they enter their name and email (email is always required) before they are able to add the event to their calendar. Each user that registers for an event is counted as an RSVP.


You can create calendars in your AddEvent dashboard. Each calendar can contain multiple events and can be followed by your users through a subscription calendar.

Subscription calendar

Subscription calendars are calendars that you create (and share) via the AddEvent Dashboard. Each calendar can contain multiple events, and your users can subscribe to these calendars to add all of the events contained within their personal calendars. When your users subscribe, they become subscribers, and a dynamic connection is created between their personal calendars and the AddEvent calendar you created. This means that when you add, delete, or change an event in the AddEvent calendar you've created, that change will be reflected (after a short delay) on the personal calendars of that calendar's subscribers.

Calendar subscriber

When a user subscribes to (or follows) your calendar, they become a subscriber, and a connection is created between AddEvent and their chosen calendar system. This connection enables calendar systems to request new updates from your calendar, which in turn allows for an event on your user's calendar to be updated whenever you edit that event in your Subscription Calendar.



Our system records an event-add each time someone clicks an add to calendar button or link to add your event to their calendar, and our servers receive that request.

Usage period

A usage period is a monthly period that starts on the day when you create an account and resets on the same day each subsequent month. For example, if you create an account on the 10th of January, your first usage period runs from the 10th of January to the 9th of February, and the second usage period runs from the 10th of February to the 9th of March, and so on.

If you upgrade your account to a paid plan, the day of the month that your account renews becomes the day that your usage period resets. For example, if you create an account on the 10th of January and you upgrade your account on the 20th of January, your usage period now runs from the 20th of January to the 19th of February, and your second usage period will run from the 20th of February to the 19th of March. If your account downgrades automatically, you will retain this usage period until you upgrade again.

Soft limit and hard limit

If your plan reaches its usage limit, it will trigger an action in our system. The Hobby plan has a hard limit which means that when a limit has been reached, the tool which has exceeded the limit will become unavailable for the rest of the month. All other plans have soft limits, which will not result in any tools becoming unavailable. If a soft limit is reached in any paid plan, our system will notify the account administrator and suggest a plan upgrade.

Limited usage

Limited usage refers to the specified number of times a feature or tool can be used per month. For example, our personal use Hobby plan has a limited usage license of 100 event-adds per month. An 'event-add' is when someone clicks one of our tools (via a button or link) to add your event to their calendar, and our servers receive that request.

If a tool exceeds the limit in the Hobby plan, it'll become unavailable for the rest of the month. Please check the limits included in each plan here.

Domain license

A domain license is a whitelisting of a domain. If you use our services, e.g. the "Add to Calendar" buttons on your domain, then you need to add the domain to your account. You can add multiple domains to your account in the Account → Domains section.

API request

Each time a user clicks an Automated Add to Calendar link to add one of your events to their calendar constitutes an API request. The automated event measures usage in API requests per month.