Plan Types

This help doc provides details about AddEvent plan tiers. You can see a detailed breakdown of all of our plans, including features and functionality included, as well as usage limits on the plans and pricing page in your account.

Understanding the Hobby Plan

Our hobby plan is perfect for casual users of AddEvent - you can share your events and calendars using most of our powerful tools, including add to calendar buttons, add to calendar links, and landing pages.

Please note that this plan is for personal, non-commercial use only.

Small Business

The Small Business plan unlocks all of our great functionality, with access to everything that the hobby plan offers, as well as our embeddable tools: events, RSVP forms, calendars, and events list. We also increase your usage limits dramatically, giving you access to more events, calendars, event-adds, RSVP attendees, and calendar subscribers. This is great for promoting your events or starting to build a following to our subscription calendar.

We also offer more advanced customization on Small Business plans: you can create custom RSVP forms, as well as custom templates for you event and calendar landing pages, as well as your embeddable calendar.

If you want to integrate AddEvent more closely with your existing system, then this is also a great starting point. The small business plan offers access to our API, as well as our Zapier integration.

Finally, we offer analytics on our Small Business Annual plan, which allows you to keep track of event-adds, RSVP attendees, and calendar subscribers.


Can I pay via invoice for a small business plan?

At this time, AddEvent cannot send invoices for payment to our Small Business and Professional monthly customers. We are only able to invoice our Professional annual and Enterprise customers.

If paying by credit card is not possible, please reach out to our support team!

Professional Plan

The professional plan is perfect if you have a team of people managing, coordinating, and promoting your events. We offer up to 5 account users on the professional plan, which means that everyone can collaborate on their events and calendars without stepping on each other's toes.

The professional plan also has even higher usage limits than the small business plan, which is perfect if you have a bigger audience that you are promoting your event.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is perfect for users that have outgrown our professional plans limits, or teams that require an individually tailored level of support. We work closely with our enterprise customers to customize their experience and to make sure that they have the resources they need to succeed.

How much do enterprise plans cost?

We build a custom quote for each Enterprise customer based upon the number of Account Users they need, which tools they expect to use, and how much usage they expect their tools to have. Usage is measured per month and consists of the number of events, event-adds, calendars, calendar subscribers, and API requests. When requesting a quote for an Enterprise plan, please include the information mentioned above.