Custom RSVP Forms

This help doc explains how to customize RSVP forms. The RSVP form is what your attendees are presented with on the RSVP Landing page and is where they input their registration details.

Customizing RSVP forms

You can only customize the RSVP forms of your existing RSVP events. Here are the steps on how to customize it.

From your Event page:

  1. Scroll down to the RSVP and settings section and click Custom RSVP forms.
  1. Click New form.
  1. Customize which data you want to collect about your attendees with custom RSVP forms. The custom RSVP forms also contain automated messages and reminders intended to increase the participation rate for your events.

Overview of what you can customize

Name of your RSVP form

  • You can change the title of your RSVP form


  • You can choose your preferred language for your RSVP form

User information

  • When a user signs up for your event, you can ask the user to enter customized data. By default, we've added two fields: "Name" and "Email."
  • If you want to add another field to know more about your users attending the event, click Add custom field. A popout box will appear, and you can select the type of field you would like to add by clicking the drop-down menu box. You can add unlimited custom input fields to your RSVP form. We recommend that you keep the data entry short and to the point.
  • You have an option to require your user to fill out the field before registering for your RSVP event. To require your user, check the box. If you want it to be optional, uncheck the box. Please note that collecting the email is mandatory.

Assign the custom RSVP form to an event

Once you have the Custom RSVP form created, follow the steps below to assign it to your event(s).

  1. Go to your event page and click More actions, and then Edit.

  2. Click the dropdown, shown below, and select the custom RSVP form you want to assign to the event.

  3. Click Save.

Automated messages and reminders

All RSVP forms have a set of automated messages and reminders built in. The messages and reminders are sent as emails to the attendees and can be fully customized to fit any design and language. Customizing the emails requires knowledge of email/newsletter HTML.


This is a feature included in our paid plans. Please reach out to [email protected] for a free 7-day trial.

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