How to change the default behavior of the calendar on iOS devices

When clicking the Add to Calendar button on an iOS device, the device will tell the page you are using iOS and automatically select the "Apple" option for you, rather than giving you the list of choices. This change will prevent the landing page from knowing you are on an iOS device and treat your Apple device like any other device that clicks on the button, showing the list.

Creating a Template

  1. Scroll down to the first sharing method, Event landing page. Create a custom event landing page template by clicking Custom Templates in the app and clicking + New Template. Add a name for the template.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the editor and click Create

Changing the Code

  1. Copy the following code snippet
<!-- Dynamic "Add to Calendar" button (recommended) -->
<div class="row button atc-btn-t1">
    <div class="inn">
      <div title="Add to Calendar" class="addeventatc" data-intel="false">
        Add to Calendar
        <span class="start">{{date-start-original}}</span>
        <span class="end">{{date-end-original}}</span>
        <span class="timezone">{{timezone}}</span>
        <span class="title">{{title}}</span>
        <span class="description">{{description-for-button}}</span>
        <span class="location">{{location}}</span>
        <span class="organizer">{{organizer}}</span>
        <span class="organizer_email">{{organizer-email}}</span>
        <span class="all_day_event">{{all-day-event}}</span>
        <span class="alarm_reminder">{{alarm}}</span>
        <span class="recurring">{{recurring}}</span>
  1. Paste the snippet into the template, replacing the {{block:button}} data tag (line 85 in an unmodified template)


If you are making this change to an RSVP event landing page, you will first need to replace the {{block:rsvpform}} with the corresponding code from below the template editor, then replace the {{block:button}} data tag found within the {{block:rsvpform}} code block:

  1. Click Save on the template

Assigning the template to a calendar

  1. Once your template has been created, navigate back to your calendar page.
  2. Go to the Event landing page section again, but this time, click the template dropdown and select the template you want to assign to the calendar.
  1. Click Set next to the dropdown menu.