Why am I still receiving emails after canceling my account?

When you cancel your account, it will continue to act as a pre-paid account until your usage/billing period is over. Once your usage/billing period ends, the account will automatically downgrade to the free Hobby plan. The Hobby plan has a very limited usage allowance, as it is intended for personal or testing use.

Receiving emails about your account exceeding its usage limits could be a result of being over in the following categories:

  • Calendars
  • Calendar subscribers
  • Domains
  • Account users
  • The above categories are considered "ongoing usage." Unless the additional ongoing usage is removed from the account, you will receive transactional emails that your account exceeds its usage limits.

If you wish to no longer receive these emails, please log into your account and remove the usage that is triggering the emails. You can check your usage in the Account → Usage section to see exactly how the account exceeds the Hobby plan. Once the additional usage is deleted, and your account is within the Hobby limits, you will no longer receive the warning emails.